About us

Iscream specialises in bringing the finest traditional Italian Gelato to Hong Kong’s discerning ice cream lovers. Italian owner Paolo Predonzan, a Gelato Master, is passionate about this delicious frozen treat and has been making it by hand since he was nineteen years old.

Iscream’s origins can be traced back to 1988, when Paolo perfected his art whilst working for a Gelato Master in Vienna, Austria. He considers this city the ‘capital of gelato’; at the time Vienna boasted more than one hundred different gelaterie. Despite the fierce competition, the shop in which Paolo worked was considered one of the top five in Vienna.

Inspired to share his love of creating the best Italian gelato with the rest of the world, Paolo began a new venture in Hong Kong, launching Iscream in 2003 and opening its first retail gelato store at the Great Food Hall, Pacific Place, in August 2005. Thanks to the popularity and success of this store, a second opened in Hong Kong’s IFC Mall in 2007; this would become Iscream’s flagship store.

I just over a decade since Iscream launched in Hong Kong, demand for Paolo Predonzan’s outstanding hand-made gelato has ensured that the business has grown and prospered. Now a prestigious brand, I-Scream gelato is served by Hong Kong’s finest restaurants as well as the company’s retail outlets.

The secret of Iscream’s success is in the quality and heritage of the product. We select only the best and purest ingredients from all over the world and, using our experience, passion and expertise, combine them to create the finest Italian gelato and sorbet. We pay the utmost care and attention to our manufacturing process to ensure that our ice-cream has the perfect taste, texture and appearance but is also healthy: fat content is low at around 7% for gelato and less than 1% for sorbet whilst sugar content is around just 17%.

Today, Paolo Predonzan‘s mastery of gelato  in Hong Kong is undeniable. He has created more than 600 individual flavours both sweet and savoury and supplies establishments which, between them, possess twelve Michelin Stars. Prestigious customers of I-Scream’s gelato and sorbet include:  Conrad Hotel; JW Marriott Hotel; Miramar Hotel; Shangri-La Hotel; Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel; W Hong Kong;, Hong Kong Exhibition Centre; Hong Kong Football Club; The Aberdeen Marina Club; The Clearwater Bay Golf and Country Club; The Hong Kong Bankers Club; The Hong Kong Jockey Club; 8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo Bombana; Gold by Harlan; Oolaa; Spasso; Strip House and many others.