If you crave an authentic and delicious gelato, Hong Kong’s premier gelateria – I Scream – is a dream come true. Gelato Master Paolo Predonzan uses only the finest ingredients to produce his award-winning range of sorbets and gelatos.

Naturally, I Scream offers all of the classic gelato flavours such as vanilla, chocolate, coffee, strawberry and raspberry, but Paolo also aspires to delight Hong Kong gelato lovers with new and exotic flavours. These gelato taste sensations include basil, rock melon, amaretto, Granny Smith and sesame.

Look out for I Scream’s limited-edition seasonal iced treats too. Inspired and unique flavour combinations cleverly capture the essence of a season, whether it’s summer flowers or Christmassy apple and cranberry pie. Be quick though, these irresistible seasonal gelatos are always popular and sell out fast.

Where to Find the Perfect Italian Gelato in Hong Kong

I Scream’s premium quality Italian gelato is served by many of Hong Kong’s finest hotels and restaurants. However, its first home can still be found in the Great Food Hall of Central’s prestigious Pacific Place Mall on Queensway.

Demand for I Scream’s fabulous gelato, frozen yogurts and ice cream cakes has continued to grow ever since that store’s opening in 2003. Now you can also find your favourite frozen treats at our dedicated ‘Gelato Corner’ store within il Bel Paese at the beautiful seaside Discovery Bay Plaza on Lantau Island.

If you’re as passionate about great handmade Italian gelato as we are, why not stop by and try out some of our unique and delicious flavours.

Our Selection of Gelato Favours

Amaretto Gelato

Almond cookies and Amaretto Liqueur, nothing else

Basil Gelato

A cuisine classic ingredient to surprise you

Sesame Swirl

Also eyes want their share

Caffee Napoletano

As strong as the coffee from Naples

Caramel Gelato

Round flavor with a touch of bitterness

Cherry Swirl Gelato

Smooth cream and juicy cherry

Chocolate Gelato

Italian school, Belgium chocolate

Coconut Sorbet

Fresh ad rich coconut milk as at the Caribbean

Coffee Gelato

Only from the best coffee beans

Cookies & Cream

The best cookie to mix with Gelato

Dark Chocolate

Chocolate, chocolate and chocolate again

Gingerbread Gelato

Five spices infusion for your Christmas

Granny Smith

The freshest of apple

Hazelnut Gelato

No Hazelnut is like Piedmont Hazelnut

Italian Vanilla

The classic Italian recipe for vanilla gelato

Lemon Sorbet

Nothing cooler for summer time

Mango Sorbet

Alphonso mango from India is our best choice

Mint & Choc Chips

The freshness of cold mint and the richness of chocolate

Nutella Gelato

A blend of chocolate and hazelnut, famous worldwide

Passion Fruit

The intense flavour of passion

Pistacchio Gelato

The best Pistachio of the world from Bronte, Sicily

Raspberry Sorbet

The best colour you can have from a berry

Rock Melon Sorbet

You can selly the sun of Italy

Rum & Raisin

Intriguing blend of rum and oriental delicacy

Stracciatella Gelato

Italian classic for choco-chips

Strawberry Sorbet

It is the classic sorbet for a reason

Tiramisu Gelato

Inspired by a classic Italian dessert

Vanilla Gelato

The old classic flavor always popular

White Peach Sorbet

Refreshing and velvety

Wildberry Sorbet

7 Different berries mix