Our Philosophy

The Iscream philosophy is simple: to produce the best Italian gelato, following the traditional way of making it: that is to transform ingredients of the highest quality into gelato.

We don’t allow artificial flavourings or colourings in our gelato or sorbet; everything we use is one hundred percent natural. The sublime texture of our gelato is the result of the perfect balance of different sugars.

Harmony, quality and passion lie at the heart of the Iscream philosophy. Everything that our customers enjoy has been lovingly made by hand, using traditional methods, care and devotion. The best gelato requires the finest ingredients and, since we offer a selection of more than six hundred different and delicious flavours, searching for and selecting the very best ingredients from around the world is Iscream’s main priority.

That’s why, for instance, we import our cocoa from France, our hazelnuts from Piedmont, our green tea from Japan, and our oolong tea from China. The appearance of our gelato and sorbet is just as important to us as its taste and texture. We choose the premium quality fruits that naturally give our products their fresh and attractive colours.

In fact, our refreshing sorbetti are made with the highest possible fruit content (minimum 30% fruit) and we try to keep these and our gelati as low in sugar and fats as we possibly can, to help ensure that they are healthy as well as delicious.

Naturally, we insist upon the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene in the production of all of our products and our gelati are pasteurised. We are currently in the process of obtaining our ISO 22000 accreditation as further evidence of our commitment to food safety.

We’re proud of the fact that our tradition, passion, quality and innovation are evident in every single handmade ice-cream or sorbet we make.

The Iscream philosophy is to provide the best Italian gelato, and we believe that wherever you enjoy our delicious Italian ices, whether from a store or in a restaurant, you’ll agree that we have been true to that philosophy.